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 Alexandra Brown Schist  Alexandra Brown Schist
This richly coloured schist from central Otago contains many warm colours of brown with hints of sienna and marbled white quartz.
This schist has a typical rustic vintage look found when laid with a traditional recessed mortar joint as seen in th… 
 Clutha Schist  Clutha Schist
An Otago Schist from the Tarras region predominenly grey with flecks of brown and black layers, has an overall pastel tone to it. Ideally suited to the oldern smeared mortar join of the gold rush era. The picture shown is a recessed mortar random a… 
 Gibbston Schist  Gibbston Schist
A Metamorphic Schist from Central Otago near Arrowtown a Queenstown favorite. A uniformly light grey stone with many linear quartz lines with very few occasional light brown tones where the stone has oxidised which can be hand selected out if require… 
 Hyde Brown Schist  Hyde Brown Schist

Hyde Brown has been hand selected for its brown color
Hydestone schist is backed up by a BRANZ certified system and is council approved.
 Hyde Grey Schist  Hyde Grey Schist

Hyde schist a metamorphic schist from Otago, mostly light grey with occasional subtle brown tones.
Hyde grey is easily one of the best 'building' schist stones available.
Hydestone schist is backed up by a BRANZ certified system a… 
 Hyde Schist Blend  Hyde Schist Blend

This variation of Hydestone schist leaves the color tones to chance, resulting in a natural mix of grey and brown.
Hydestone schist is backed up by a BRANZ certified system and is council approved.
 Kaimai (schist profile)  Kaimai (schist profile)
This stone is from the Kaimai mountain region in the Waikato and is a reasonably hard Igneous Andesite stone.
When it is laid correctly it is often referred to as Kaimai Schist.
 Kingston Schist  Kingston Schist
Kingston Schist… 
 Paradise Stone  Paradise Stone
A schist like sedimentary limestone from Whangarei. Paradise Stone is a unique, very popular high-grade limestone. This stone has lovely grey colour when split, but also has the advantage of a calcite deposite face variation also.

 Poolburn and Alex Blend  Poolburn and Alex Blend
By blending Poolburn and Alexandra Brown schist together different colour tones can be created.
On the larger picture for example, just a little bit of alexandra schist is enough to brown up the look of poolburn which will further intensify … 
 Poolburn Schist  Poolburn Schist
A metamorphic schist from central Otago and the favorite of many stonemasons has a good natural grain, with warm autumn colours.… 
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